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Quality beauty shouldn't have to break your budget. Find exquisite jewelry and quality items up to 70% less than they are in retail stores!

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Need Cash? Get Collateral Loans in Baltimore, Maryland

Bring in Anything of Value

At Greenmount Loan & Jewelry, we will give you a collateral loan based on what you bring to us. Our holding times vary depending on what you need. When you come in with your items, we will discuss their value and our timeline. Collateral loans are helpful because you don’t need to worry about credit. Learn more by giving us a call today.

Get the Money You Need

If you need money now, don’t waste time getting an inflated title loan. We offer competitive collateral loans with realistic deadlines. Borrowing money for the important things in your life has never been easier.

Loans Based on Collateral

Because our loans are based on the value of what you leave with us to hold, you can get the money you need in a short amount of time. Simply bring in something of value, and we will work out the details.

Call Our Friendly, Professional Staff

Give our knowledgeable staff a call today to learn more about our collateral loan process. We will answer your questions so you can feel safe and secure in our process.

Greenmount Loan & Jewelry

Discover your next find with our collection of jewelry pieces, musical instruments, electronics, tools, and more at Greenmount Loan & Jewelry.

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