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Greenmount Loan & Jewelry

Quality beauty shouldn't have to break your budget. Find exquisite jewelry and quality items up to 70% less than they are in retail stores!

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Greenmount Loan and Jewelry

Established in 1987, Greenmount Loan & Jewelry Co. developed a business philosophy that has made us #1 in the hearts and minds of our loyal customers. It is very simple really:

  • Develop a competent, knowledgeable staff and exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • Don't just make a sale—make a customer for life.
  • When buying, pay more than anywhere else and overwhelm our customers with kindness, devotion, and respect.
  • Make sure everyone leaves happier than when they came in.
  • To sum it up, take customer satisfaction to a new level!

Our selection of guaranteed jewelry will blow you away! Thousands or rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, neck chains, and watches await you as you enter the hospitable doors of Greenmount Loan & Jewelry Co. Our jewelry repair department is second to none.

Let our "Master Jeweler" fix that broken piece of jewelry or custom design your own special piece.

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Greenmount Loan & Jewelry

Discover your next find with our collection of jewelry pieces, musical instruments, electronics, tools, and more at Greenmount Loan & Jewelry.

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